Building Resilience into America's Regional Economies

RIAN and the community of Venture Development Organizations (VDOs) are transforming regions across the United States through strategic investments in innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology - one company at a time, repeated hundreds of times over. Explore this site to learn more about VDOs, find examples of their client successes, join the discussion for improving regional economic development, and bring new thinking, new practices to your own economy.

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The nation's network of Venture Development
Organizations (VDOs) turning innovations into
companies with jobs to drive America's economy -
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Venture Development Organizations (VDOs) sharing best practices
The Regional Innovation Acceleration Network supports the community of existing and emerging VDOs around the country by providing the means for peer-to-peer sharing of information and best/common practices and helping to identify funding opportunities for VDOs; and provide tools to help regions approach the creation of their own VDO.

A VDO is a business-driven, public or nonprofit organization that promotes regional growth by providing a flexible portfolio of services, including: assisting in the creation of high-growth companies; providing expert business assistance to those companies; facilitating or making direct financial investments; and, speeding the commercialization of technology.